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Aloe Ridge welcomes the Gilmour Foundation

This week has seen a couple of events here on the farm. There is definitely the hint of autumn in the air with the lawns starting to show a carpet of fallen leaves from the Coral and Marula trees, and a fitful drop in night time temperatures. We have had very little rain in March and the lawns themselves are requiring water. There have been some hot days still so we are firmly in the change of seasons.

The long grass in the veldt on the farm has seeded and it is time for us to start cutting it for a couple of reasons; we are using a lot for making compost which will be ready for spring, and also to use as mulch around all the plants. This will protect them from any low temperatures and also reduce the loss of water during the dry winter.

A major reason for the grass harvesting however is to reduce the likelihood of fires which are an ever present problem in the winter. In this we are being helped by the arrival of 20 horses of the Gilmour Foundation.

Jean Gilmour, who runs the Foundation rescues horses – often old or maltreated - and gives them a better life. She had to move from her previous premises and was looking for grazing. We were glad to be able to host her horses here, and they have moved in over the last few days.

Horses in Aloe Ridge Horse Riding on Aloe Ridge Guest Farm Gilmour Foundation Horses

Our morning walks are now highlighted by our two Ridgebacks getting used to the new arrivals and displaying a mixture of interest and caution for these large animals.  It is most amusing to watch Tana trying to summon up the nerve to approach something much bigger than she has ever seen before. Jean’s horses are pretty much used to dogs as she has her own, and look at ours with disdain or completely ignore them which mystifies the Ridgies.

We will be able to offer ‘ride outs’ around the farm on horseback as a number of the horses are able to be ridden and we are once again cutting paths for walking and also to use as firebreaks.

We have a busy Easter coming up and will be able to tell you more about it in the next episode.


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